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       HP Calculator Repair Service

Calculator Work Order Form
If you would like to send your calculator in for repair please fill in this
form so we know enough about your calculator and its particular problems
so we can determine if we will be able to repair your calculator.

Within a few days or less we will send you a Work Order by email. It will include a
'Work Order Number' as well as instructions for sending us your calculator as well
as prices and other information. We may need to contact you if we need more
information about your calculator.

Please note the second section on the price list page that lists calculator models
that seem to be cheaper to replace than to repair. If your calculator model is not
in the pull down list below you might want to check the second section on the price
list page.

If you find your calculator on the 'cheaper to replace than repair' list and you
would like us to locate and acquire one for you please contact us about it.
We will be glad to help out.

Please, it is very important that you fill out this form for EACH calculator
or accessory that you want to have repaired. Please do not include info
on multiple calculators or accessories in the 'Symptoms' section. When you
do this. I end up with no real record of those items. When they arrive here
they may not get entered in to my database. Then I may not be able find them
or identify them so please fill out the form for each item to be repaired.



Calculator Information



Calculators Symptoms
Please describe your calculators symptoms as thoroughly as possible.     

(Please note: You can include anything actually, that you
think we should know about your calculator. Also you can
ask any questions you like in this space as well.)

Contact Information

Security Check


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