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HP Calculator Repair Service
General Information

Welcome to 'Vintage Calculator Repair'. I provide repair and restoration services for vintage
Hewlett-Packard™ calculators, hand held computers as well as their accessories.

Please read this page to familiarize yourself with our web site and the services we offer.


Prices for most calculator and accessory repairs can be found on the 'Price List' page.
If your calculator is not listed there you can still fill out the 'Repair Order Form' and I will
contact you about the cost of repairing your particular calculator.

The Repair Order Form

When you are ready to have your calculator repaired please go to the 'Repair Order Form'
page and fill in the form. If your calculator is not in the 'drop down list' of calculator models
just tell us what your calculator's model number is in the 'Calculators symptoms:' box. You
can include any information in this box as well as ask any questions you may have. To expedite
the repair of your calculator and for the lowest possible cost please be as thorough and concise
as you can when you fill out the 'Calculators symptoms:' section of the 'Repair Order Form.'
I may contact you for clarifications or for more information about your calculator.

Once I have determined that your calculator may be repairable I will email you a reply which will
include your Work Order Number as well as instructions for shipping your calculator to us
as well as other information. This system provides us both with a record of the information about
your calculator's repair. If you have multiple items in need of repair please fill out the
'Repair Order Form.' for each item.

You must have a Work Order Number before you ship you calculator to me. You will receive
your Work Order Number after you fill out the form on the 'Repair Order Form' page and I have
determined that I think your calculator is repairable. Again, I may contact you for clarifications
or for more information about your calculator.

Please don't hesitate to email me or call me if you have any questions.

International Orders

We do accept international orders. For international orders there is a fee of $37.00 USD. This is to
cover the higher cost of insuring and shipping international orders.


When I receive your calculator I will examine it to diagnose the problem. If it is repairable I will
proceed with the repair. Your calculator will also be cleaned. I will attempt to remove any oxidation or
residuals from battery leakage. I will attempt to clean the inside of the calculators display as well as
it's keys.

I will replace any non-rechargeable batteries. I can rebuild rechargeable battery packs for an additional
fee. These fees are listed at the bottom of the price list page under the 'Rebuilt Battery Packs Price List'

In the event that your calculator is unrepairable I will contact you by email with a description of the

When your calculator's repairs are complete I will contact you and provide other information. Once I receive
payment for the repairs I will ship your calculator back to you.

All return shipments will be insured.

If you have questions please give me a call at 541-731-5130 9:00 am to 8:00 pm PST.

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