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HP Calculator Repair Service
News Date:
February 28, 2020

Vintage Calculator Repair News Page

Access this page for recent information of interest to use of our site.
As well as information of interest to users of HP™ calculators.

I have just gotten out of the hospital. I have just gotten out of the hospital.

Hello everyone, I have just gotten out of the hospital after
having a brain tumor removed. No fun! But I am told the surgery
went will, but I will be needing gamma treatment.
So, I will be trying to keeep up the best I can. It's one day at
a time for now.

I am returning to repairing calculators.I am returning to repairing calculators. Well my father has passed away as of October. I have been
taking care of him for the last couple years. The last
few months have been the most difficult. The stress level
has been extreme. I will say that some of the people in the
medical community are true saints. Some of them not so much.
Our seniors do not always receive the respect they should.
I intend to get back to work and clear my backed up work
load as quickly as possible. I have acquired some neat new
equipment too.
I sincerly apologize to those who have been waiting way too
long for their calculators to be repaired.
I will be doing everything possible to get them back to you.

I am still repairing calculators.

I am still repairing calculators and I am going to try
to do more repairs than I have been able to do over the
previous year. I'm helping take care of my 91 year old
dad. And am also trying to take care of myself. I don't
seem to have as much energy as I used to. I'm going to
try to make some major changes in my diet, ect.

Currently I am not doing repairs of some models as they
are more time consuming than most. You will find that
they are grayed out in the price list. I hope to get
back to repairing as many of them as possible in the
future. We'll see.

I have aquired some new tools and have developed some
new techniques. This should shorten the time needed
to do repairs as well improve repairs in general.

I apologize for not getting to your calculators sooner
and for any inconvenience. I will get to then as soon
as possible.

I think I have some of the best customers in the world.

Thank you everyone for your patience!

I am back to work!

Well I'm finally moved in to my new shop after months of
ridiculous delays. I am actually repairing calculators
again. I'm getting back at it as rapidly as I can. I've
located most of my tools and supplies and have them in
some semblance of order. I should be in my new house
in about a week. Things should start going smoother now.

I am getting back to work!

I am getting back to work after not being able to work for about
one year! It's a long story but anyway a death in my family caused
total chaos. It's been very stressful. We decided to sell our house
and buy two smaller ones. I am hoping to be in my new house in the
next few days. At that time I will start repairing HP calculators again!
I apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused any of you.
I intend to do a lot of repairs in the next few months in an effort to
get through the back log. I'll be sending out work orders starting
tomorrow. If you have sent in a work order request you should
receive your work order soon. During this time I have come up with
some improvements in my process that I think will speed things up
a bit too.

I have a new phone number!

I have a new phone number! I'm hoping that it will mitigate the
difficulty I'm having answering my email. Please use it if you
need to get in touch with me.

It is 541-731-5130. 9:00 am to 8:00 pm PST.

Eight calculators added to the list of models repaired.

I have added eight models of vintage HP calculators to the list of
calculators I offer repair on. Included are the HP31E, HP32E, HP37E,
HP38C, HP38E, HP46, HP70 and the HP91.

Getting back to normal after neck surgery.

I am recovering from a neck surgery. There were complications and
and it took longer than expected to get back to work. I am catching up
and things are getting back to normal. Thank you all for your patience
during this time.

New technique available for HP41s with badly damaged or even totally destroyed posts!

I have developed a very durable new method for repairing HP41 models with badly damaged or even completely destroyed posts.

I replace your posts with precision machined brass posts. The lower posts have outside threads to accommodate the 'jam' nuts
HP™ used to adjust the motherboards tension against the elastomeric connector between the motherboard and the keypad
board. I install the same nuts to these posts as this provides a superior way to accomplish proper tension. The case is then connected
to the posts with custom made stainless steel machine screws.

The price of just the lower two posts replacement is a $30.00 USD fee added to the regular repair cost. Or all four posts for
$40.00 USD.

These posts include a lifetime guarantee. If they ever fail I will replace them and your only cost will be for shipping
your calculator to me. I will cover the cost of return shipping back to you as always.

I've added a section on the price list page that lists calculator models that seem to be cheaper to replace than to repair.
It shows the approximate replacement price for each model on eBay.

I've added an items for sale page. Where I will be listing HP items for sale.
Including HP calculators and accessories as well as HP ICs.

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