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HP Calculator Repair Service Repair Warranty

Repairs are covered for 30 days from the date you receive delivery of the calculator.
If your calculator fails after the 30 period please by all means contact me as I may
repair it at no charge or for a minimum fee, depending on the circumstance.
Repairs done while your calculator is under warranty are at no cost to you.
This warranty covers all of those things that are within the scope of the original repair.
We are not responsible for any damage caused by misuse or negligence.
In the unlikely event that a repair fails and your calculator can not be repaired
you will receive a full refund of the repair fee you paid. If a repair fails please contact
us and we will give you a Work Order Number that will give you calculator top priority.

Making Payments

I just opened this web site and for the time being will only accept payments by PayPal.
Please contact me if you can not pay by PayPal and I will try to provide an alternative.
I will add Credit Card and Company and Personal check payments as soon as I am able to do so.


Shipping is by United States Postal Service Priority Mail. All return shipments will be insured.
Other arrangements may be possible. Please contact me about other shipping services.
International Orders

I will accept orders from outside the United States. All return packages will bear factual
customs declarations. Repaired calculators will be marked 'Returned Goods' with the description,
'Hewlett-Packard calculator being returned after repair'. The value listed will be the cost
of the repair. Calculators returned without repair will be marked 'Returned Goods' with the
description, 'Hewlett-Packard calculator being returned'. A fee is added to the price of
international orders $25.00. This is to cover the higher cost of shipping and insuring
international orders. All calculator shipments will be insured. You are responsible for any
import fees or customs duties on your end when receiving your returned calculator.

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