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Calculator Repair Price List Calculators that are Cheaper to Replace than Repair HP41 Card Reader Repair (HP82104A) Installation of Systemyde's HP41CL HP41C/HP41CV/HP41CX Upgrade Rebuilt Battery Packs Price List

Calculator Repair Price List

NOTE: If your model calculator is not in this list check the next list

NOTE: I am not currently doing repairs on the calculator models with their prices printed in gray.
I plan to continue servicing them when I get caught up. I often make nothing repairing them but I like repairing them so we'll see how things go.

Model Description Price
HP01 Calculator Watch $190.00
HP10 Portable Printing $90.00
HP10B Basic Business $60.00
HP10C Basic Scientific $85.00
HP11C Advanced Scientific $80.00
HP12C Business Classic $60.00
HP15C Advanced Scientific $85.00
HP16C Computer Scientific $90.00
HP17B Advanced Business $60.00
HP17BII Advanced Business $60.00
HP19C High End Programmable with Printer $110.00
HP19BII Folding Alphanumeric $140.00
HP20S Algebraic Scientific $60.00
HP21 Slide Rule $60.00
HP22 Business calculator $70.00
HP22S Algebraic Scientific $60.00
HP25 Programmable Scientific $80.00
HP25C Programmable Scientific $95.00
HP27 Do Everything Model $105.00
HP27S Algebraic Scientific $75.00
HP28C Folding Alphanumeric $150.00
HP28S Folding Alphanumeric $150.00
HP29C High End Programmable $100.00
HP31E Scientific Calculator $70.00
HP32E Advanced Scientific Calculator $75.00
HP32S Scientific $70.00
HP32SII Scientific $75.00
HP33C Programmable Scientific $80.00
HP33E Programmable Scientific $75.00
HP34C Advanced Scientific $85.00
HP35 Slide Rule Calculator $80.00
HP37E Financial Calculator $80.00
HP38C Financial Programmable Calculator $70.00
HP38E Financial Programmable Calculator $90.00
HP41C Alphanumeric Programmable $80.00
HP41CV Alphanumeric Programmable $85.00
HP41CX Alphanumeric Programmable $95.00
HP42S High End Scientific $90.00
HP45 Slide Rule Calculator $75.00
HP46 Desktop Calculator $110.00
HP48G+ Graphing Scientific $80.00
HP48G Graphing Scientific $80.00
HP48GX Graphing Scientific $90.00
HP48S Graphing Scientific $80.00
HP48SX Graphing Scientific $90.00
HP55 Programmable $75.00
HP65 Programmable $100.00
HP67 Scientific Programmable $110.00
HP70 Business Pocket Calculator $130.00
HP71B Hand-Held Computer $110.00
HP75C Hand-Held Computer $90.00
HP75D Hand-Held Computer $90.00
HP80 Business $70.00
HP91 Scientific Portable Printing $90.00
HP92 Printing Scientific $90.00
HP94D Hand-Held Computer $100.00
HP94E Hand-Held Computer $100.00
HP94F Hand-Held Computer $100.00
HP95C Printing Scientific $120.00
HP97 Printing Scientific $120.00
HP97S Scientific with I/O $120.00


Calculators that are Cheaper to Replace than Repair

Model Description Approximate Replacement Price
HP18C Folding Alphanumeric $30.00
HP19B Folding Alphanumeric $55.00

Rebuild HP41 Card Readers

I can rebuild your HP41's card reader (HP82104A).

HP82104A HP41 Magnetic Program Card Reader $75.00


Installation of Systemyde's HP41CL HP41C/HP41CV/HP41CX Upgrade

Click HERE... to go to Monte's web site and check out the specifications of
his great product.

Systemmyde will ship your upgrade board directly to me for installation to save you money
on shipping. Just ask them to when you order your board.

Model Description Price
All HP41 Models Installation of HP41CL Board $75.00 Within the US
All HP41 Models Installation of HP41CL Board $85.00 Outside the US

If you are thinking of buying a calculator to have upgraded with the 41CL board,
a possible alternative to consider is to have me build one for you.

This usually works out very well. I can build you a nice machine for about
$150.00 to $170.00 (doesn't include the cost of installing the 41CL).

That way you have a known quantity. Contact me if you are interested.
(Use the link at the bottom of the page to email me of call me at 541-731-5130.)


Rebuilt Battery Packs Price List

I can rebuild your HP41's HP82120A rechargeable battery
pack no matter how badly it is fried.

Model Description Price
HP82120A HP41 Rechargeable Battery Pack $60.00
HP82430A HP94d/e/f Rechargeable Battery Pack $65.00
HP82033A For Topcat Series - HP91 HP92 HP95C HP97 HP82143A & HP82182A Printers HP83261A Data Cassette Drive $45.00
HP82001B For Classics Series - HP35 HP45 HP55 HP65 HP67 HP80 HP75C HP75D $35.00


These prices are for the rebuilding of your old battery packs.
New Batteries Rated 2300 mAh.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

  • All prices are in US Dollars
  • Prices include insured return shipping
  • Please add $25.00 USD for international orders (to cover the extra cost of shipping and insurance)
  • New (not rechargeable) batteries included
  • Rebuilding of rechargeable battery packs not included
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